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SteadyStand® Multi

With the Acebikes SteadyStand Multi your motorbike is firmly anchored in seconds and is fully adjustable for almost any type of motorcycle front or rear tyre without any tools.

Suitable for almost any motorcycle front/rear tyre size

Completely adjustable without tools

Unique rubber feet to prefent sliding

The AcebikesSteadyStand Multi is ideal for home use. Because you can put your motorbike upright, it doesn’t take much space in your garage. The SteadyStand Multi is easy to store because of the small size and light weight materials. The SteadyStand Multi is fully designed for total ease of use and quality, and is completely adjustable without tools. This easy-adjust system is perfect when you own more than one motorbike or if you want to switch between the front and the rear tyre. The SteadyStand Multi is suitable for 15 to 21 inch tyres with width from 90mm to 200mm. The unique rubber feet prevent the SteadyStand Multi from sliding.

Unique features:

  • Durable, high quality powder coated frame
  • Completely adjustable without tools / easy-adjust system
  • Special rubber feet to prevent sliding
  • Maximum stability ahieved by securing the front or rear wheel
  • Fully adjustable , also very suitable for bigger motorbikes
  • Suitable from wheel sizes from 15 to 21 inches, tyres with width from 90mm to 200mm.